Monday, 10 November 2014

A Very Special Unicorn from Chris Hadfield. Unicorn Count: 2607

A classmate of Molly's sent a message to Commander Chris Hadfield and asked him to draw a unicorn in memory of Molly. He drew this "cave painting" inspired unicorn and sent it over.

Even though this unicorn hasn't been, it's creator has been to space!

Once a Wildcat, Always a Wildcat. Unicorn Count: 2606

Molly was an AWESOME hockey player and her former teammates, the Wildcats will never forget her.

Unicorn Count: 2605

 from Molly Penny at CHEO

Skye's dress and sweater for the celebration were positively COVERED in unicorns!
Playing Pokemon with Tess, we figured out that there is a unicorn Pokemon!
from Fiona and Jay to Tess

Friday, 7 November 2014


Skye proved it. As Team Robillard's 2014 slogan says, "Friends stick together". Skye's goal of 1000 unicorns has been surpassed by more than 1500. The unicorns are posted all over the reception hall where friends and family will visit after the Celebration of Molly's Life tonight.

Thank you to everyone who pitched in and helped Skye remember her best friend and embrace joy in the world.

There is a LOT of goodness.

Unicorn Count: 2514