Friday, 31 October 2014

Unicorn Count: 719

Maddie and Molly = Uni-Kindred Spirits

Unicorn Count: 717

Unicorn sculptures from Rola Tibshirani's class in Ottawa

Unicorn Count: 713

Unicorn Count: 712

Unicorn Count: 710

Unicorn Count: 657

Unicorn Count: 656

Unicorn Count: 632

Unicorn Count: 631

unicorns from Strayer Middle School in Quakertown, PA

Unicorn Count: 623

Unicorn Count: 622

from Tomás in Czech Republic

Unicorn Count: 621

Unicorn Count: 619

from Kim in Ottawa

Unicorn Count: 617

 Molly and unicorn collages from Laurie in Ottawa

Unicorn Count: 614

from merrillsart on Instagram

Molly's Unicorns: Unicorn Count: 613

Molly had to undergo radiation twice in the last year. Both times, she had her radiation masks decorated with her spirit animal, unicorns.

Some of Molly's Unicorn Collection: Unicorn Count: 610

Molly was a prolific Melty Bead artist - she made this unicorn.

A rainbow loom unicorn from Skye
Photo and painting by Molly's sister, Tess
Unicorn model and photograph by Tess

Mollywe'en Unicorn Count: 601

Molly loved Hallowe'en and her family and friends were thinking of Molly tonight.

Molly and her role model, Maddie Brown last Hallowe'en

Molly's beloved Oscar was in the Hallowe'en mood with a costume Molly's sister, Tess, picked.
A squishy, squeaky unicorn loaned to the cause by Oscar.
Maddie fit Molly's unicorn costume perfectly!
The Teletubby costume that Molly bought for her dad last year makes a pretty good unicorn head!
Tess realized that anything can turn you into a unicorn - even the Statue of Liberty!